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API for adding DSP modules via dynamic libraries. one click C++ build system for building VST / AU / AAX plugins (based on JUCE) from within HISE (


The open source framework for sample-based instruments. HISE C++ APIHISEFeaturesSampler × Sampler Module Fast str

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The chisel3 package presents the public API of Chisel. It contains the concrete core types UInt, SInt, Bool, FixedPoint, Clock, and Reg, the abstract

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[jira] Updated: (HISE-28) Refreshing hise-bundle throws

201077-HISE-28.txt In org.apache.hise.api.HISEEngine: - added new method: void destroy(QName taks) - changed return value with void to QName in reg

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The open source framework for sample-based instruments. DSP Module API HISE C++ APIHISEFeaturesSampler × Sampler Module Fast streaming engine optimized f

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2019415-AbstractConcreteBase¶ Bases: sqlalchemy.ext.declarative.api.ConcreteBase A helper class for ‘concrete’ declarative mappings. AbstractConc

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See Callbacks in Python API for more information. Returns: booster –The The concrete objective used while fitting this model. Type: string or callable